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Estancia Raicilla Pechuga

Estancia Raicilla Pechuga is made with agave grown on a semi-forested ranch with rich volcanic soils in Jalisco, Mexico.

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Brand:Estancia Raicilla
Town:La Estancia
ABV: 48%
Website: http://estancia-raicilla.com/, opens in new window

About this raicilla

Estancia Raicilla Pechuga is made with Agave maximiliana in La Estancia de Landeros, about one kilometre above sea level in the Jalisco foothills. The agave used in this Raicilla are roasted in an adobe oven for two days, and fermented in clay pots. Once fermented, this Raicilla is triple distilled in copper alembic stills. During the third distillation, the maestro adds locally harvested ingredients, including toasted pumpkin seeds, apples, plums, lemon leaves, toasted almonds, chamomile, hibiscus, orange blossoms, and a raw turkey breast is suspended in the still.

Estancia Raicilla

Raicilla Estancia is made in the highlands of the Sierra Madre Occidental. In 2014, Rio Chenery left New York City for the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico with the hope of making his family’s favorite drink. The legend goes that in the ‘60s his grandfather, who worked for the Tecate beer company, came across a rare agave spirit in the small mountain town of Mascota on a business trip and fell in love with it. The locals called it Raicilla, and over the years it became a family favorite. Estancia Distillery is founded with the vision of bringing this rare agave spirit to the world.

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars3 months ago

made with turkey breast; tastes and smells like masa; lot 014; bottle 107

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