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IZO Joven

Mezcal IZO Joven is hand crafted with agave Cenizo down a rural road in Boca de Mezquital, Durango, Mexico.

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Brand:IZO Mezcal
Mezcalero:Jose de Jesus Gonzalez
About this mezcal

IZO Joven is made with agave Cenizo (Durangesis) in Boca de Mezquital, Durango, Mexico. As of early 2019, they are a newer brand to the US market. Their Maestro is named Jose de Jesus Gonzalez, who produces at the IZO facility.

IZO Mezcal

IZO Mezcal is a company from San Diego, which bottles mezcal from Durango, MX. Both the mezcal and the packaging are a unique and modern take on this spirit. They custom designed the bottle, adding a smoke effect to represent the smoking process of the agave hearts. Their label is made just a few miles from their office, by Clove St. Press; each one is hand-pressed on a 19th century letterpress machine. Their cap is made of genuine onyx stone sourced from the mountains surrounding their distillery in Durango, Mexico.

3 reviews

0.67 out of 5



378 reviews
13 hours ago

On the nose, there is a food-like peppery aroma, but it is like almost like raw chicken. On the palate, there are some wild food notes as well: uncooked chicken, peppercorn, and ripe asparagus. Something about it doesn’t sit well unfortunately. The bottle is very elegant and it is 47% ABV which is a good indicator of authentic mezcal but something about it doesn’t make me want to sip anymore. Maybe better in a cocktail? Lote: 001-18.



14 reviews
7 months ago

Lots 001-18. Smells like seafood (shrimp, cod, and crawfish) and curry….. Pungent! Also aromas of dead goat and spoiled milk….. Taste like vomit….. Vomited hot milk. On a high note… Love the cap on the bottle! It’s made out of stone! Very cool. The mezcal: undrinkable. Couldn’t finish a half ounce pour.



92 reviews
10 months ago

Without a doubt the worst mezcal I’ve ever had but you decide for yourself.

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