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La Maliciosa Pechuga

La Maliciosa Pechuga is a traditional triple-distilled mezcal from Santiago Matatlan. The La Maliciosa company considers this “God’s Sweetest Selection.”

About this mezcal

La Maliciosa Pechuga is made in Santiago Matatlan. It’s meant as a ceremonial mezcal, to be enjoyed and shared on special occasions. Like other Pechuga mezcals, it undergoes a third distillation where wild spices and fruit are added to the still. Traditionally, a raw chicken breast is also hung in the still, giving the mezcal Pechuga a unique taste and texture.

La Maliciosa Mezcal

Mezcal La Maliciosa was founded by a team of young individuals from Oaxaca looking to exalt and preserve the traditional and artisanal production of mezcal. Their mezcal is made in Santiago Matatlán, which is a small community with a population of 3,500 located in the central valley of Oaxaca, less than an hour away from centro. You know you have arrived in Matatlán when you are surrounded by majestic ‘‘pencas de maguey,” visible on both sides of the state road that connects Oaxaca and Chiapas.

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