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Mayalen Borrego

Mayalen Borrego has earthen flavors with floral and citric notes that linger on the palate long after each textured sip.

Rating: (4 reviews)
Brand:Mayalen Mezcal
Mezcalero:José Morales Uribe
ABV: 49%
Website: www.mezcalmayalen.com
About this mezcal

Mayalen Borrego is made from wild agave Cupreata. This mezcal is Guerrero’s answer to the mezcal Pechuga from Oaxaca. Their mezcalero starts with the same Wild Cupreata base and then adds nuts, fruits, and spices after the second distillation. This infusion is then distilled a third time with a freshly butchered leg of lamb suspended in the still. The result is meaty, spicy, herbal, and balanced. This variety is complex with a silken texture. Earthen flavors with floral and citric notes linger on the palate long after each sip. This mezcal is triple-distilled and its exclusive recipe has been used by the maestro Mezcalero’s family for many generations. Mayalen Borrego has an alcohol content of 49%.

Mayalen Mezcal

Mezcal Mayalen proudly presents Agua de Juventud, or Water of Youth, mezcal from the mountains of Guerrero. Their products are 100% hand-crafted and organic . Like many, they believe that the climate, water, and soil conditions of the agave have a direct effect on the resulting mezcal. For this reason, their palenque is located on a site that has yearlong access to natural spring water. They have 4 different varieties of mezcal, but all are produced with the same Wild Cupreata Agave. There are slight differences in production that create different flavor notes and alcohol content for each product. Also, each lot of Mezcal Mayalen is somewhat unique. Check your bottle for details.

4 reviews

3.5 of out 5 stars



13 reviews
7 months ago

Batch# CP002016
Fresh cut grass, lilac,clove, oolong tea and barn yard tannery like nose. Banana fosters meets lamb tagine.. sweet and savory.. super clean and a touch of heat.. I like it !!



283 reviews
8 months ago

Really unique nose on this pechuga with an almost lavender aroma. This pechuga really coats the palate like a watery syrup. There are some nice notes of salt, raisin, brown sugar, and plantains. This is a good pechuga and the price is suspiciously low. Lot CP00714.



92 reviews
2 years ago

very distinct.the aroma is very light and thin.the entry is the same but it opens quickly.flavor is mild and sweet.citrus and lots of mint.nice pepper and spice .what makes it stand out is a vinegar undertone.cupreatas seem to have a bright clean taste that i enjoy.very easy to drink and mild considering the high proof.the mayalens also give a buzz that is up.love the effect as well as the taste.high quality.very well worth the price.



301 reviews
2 years ago

Lot CP00714 which was bottled in 2013. Reviewing this is tough as it’s so different from everything else I’ve tasted. It starts out sweet with notes of honey and vanilla, and then moves into notes of pepper, nutmeg, and cardamom. It’s almost tangy in it’s approach and finish, which is very different from other mezcals. Given this is a pechuga made with agave Cupreata, it’s pretty unique in character. It’s definitely worth trying.

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