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Mazot Bacanora Blanco

Mazot Blanco is double distilled in a wood-fired copper still, bringing out the subtle yet fruity complexities in this agave.

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Brand:Mazot Bacanora
Bacanorero:Manuel “El Toro” Chacón, Sinohe Chacon Ezrre
ABV: 47%
Age of plant: 8-12 years
Website: https://www.facebook.com/BACANORAMAZOT/
About this bacanora

Mazot Blanco is made maguey Pacifica (agave angustifolia). The agave are cooked in an underground pit oven for 48 hours with Mesquite and Oak. The agave then rest for 24 hours, before being milled and fermented with naturally occurring wild yeast. After fermentation, the agaves are double distilled in copper. The production of this bacanora is limited to around 1,200-2000 liters per year.

Mazot Bacanora

Mazot Bacanora is owned by Emilia Ezrre Becerra and her family. She is the matriarch and two of her sons, Manuel "Ramses" Chacon and Sinohe Chacon Ezrre, are the Maestros Vinateros who produce the bacanora.

1 review

3.5 out of 5



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Rated 3.5 out of 5 stars3 months ago

An interesting bacanora that is low on funk notes and might be more approachable for fans of Oaxacan mezcal. There is a faint lactic note but I’m getting flavors of anise, orange bitters, and allspice. There is a clean agave Tequilana aspect to it as well. Didn’t catch the batch info.

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