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Mazot Palmilla

Mazot Palmilla is a sotol. The term Palmilla is the traditional Sonoran name for spirits distilled from the Sotol plant (Dasylirion wheeleri).

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Brand:Mazot Bacanora
Bacanorero:Manuel “El Toro” Chacón, Sinohe Chacon Ezrre
ABV: 47%
Age of plant: 15 years
Website: https://www.facebook.com/BACANORAMAZOT/
About this sotol

Mazot Palmilla is a Sotol, not a Bacanora like the other releases from this brand. Palmilla is the traditional Sonoran name for spirits distilled from the Sotol plant (Dasylirion wheeleri), also called Desert Spoon in Arizona, Texas, and other parts of the southern desert in the US. An abundance of Palmilla grow in the highest elevations of the Chacon family ranch, El Torreoncito. These are very mature, old growth, plants. In Chihuahua the average Sotol pina produces about 1 liter of final distillate. El Torreoncito Sotols produce 4-5 liters per plant. There are two seasons for distilling, winter and summer, and the flavors are distinct. The winter distillates are slow, low temperature fermentation, and the flavor is very rich. The summer fermentation is fast and hot, and the flavors are complex with mineral and herbal flavors.

Mazot Bacanora

Mazot Bacanora is owned by Emilia Ezrre Becerra and her family. She is the matriarch and two of her sons, Manuel "Ramses" Chacon and Sinohe Chacon Ezrre, are the Maestros Vinateros who produce the bacanora.

3 reviews

4.17 out of 5



1 review
Rated 5 out of 5 stars2 weeks ago

Out of this world palmilla/sotol. Intense fragrance, notes of carrots, desert, sweet… made from massive wild sotol plants, it’s really incredible.



2 reviews
Rated 4 out of 5 stars3 months ago

Nose is wet paper-maché, a little peach, wet paint, not so much barnyard funk that I’m used to with Sotols. The palate is giving me major Listerine strips with a subdued sweetness, maybe mango or guava. It has a dried coconut flakes finish to me. Definitely tasty. Not as mineral and green as other sotols from chihuahua.



439 reviews
Rated 3.5 out of 5 stars3 months ago

Never had a sotol from Sonora before this, and holy moly, this one is big. Aromas of fresh mint, menthol, and freshly printed newspaper. The palate has a menthol cigarette flavor and more smoky,minty notes. This is very sweet with some additional light grassy notes. This is like no other sotol I’ve tasted, and I like it.

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