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Mezcalero No. 15

Mezcalero No. 15 was made with agave Sierra Negra, which is notably suave, and carries an impressive flavor that is unsurpassed.

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Brand:Mezcalero Mezcal
Mezcalero:Don Baltazar Cruz Gomez
Agave:Sierra Negra
Town:San Luis del Rio
ABV: 47.2%
Batch size: 1,128 bottles
Release year: 2016
Website: http://alipususa.com/mezcalero/info
About this mezcal

Mezcalero No. 15 was made from semi-wild agave Sierra Negra from warm-climate mountain slopes. It was distilled by Baltazar Cruz in San Luis del Rio. Sierra Negra is notably suave. The nose on this Sierra Negra is a bit dry side and the body carries the same dryness and low viscosity.  This Mezcal was made with light touch and shows in the final product.

Mezcalero Mezcal

Each Mezcalero bottling is true to the fundamental batch nature of artisan Mezcal production. Each bottling is distilled from a single integral batch of agaves that are at least 50% wild or semi-wild, and usually 100%. These “silvestre” agaves take a lot of work to harvest: searching for days in the mountains, packing the agaves back on burros. After that, it takes a month of continuous labor to produce a single batch of Mezcalero, usually 600-700 bottles. Mezcalero is both a brand and an intention. The brand is a way for talented artisan distillers to work with, and gain part of their livelihood from, some very special agaves. The intention goes deeper: to help preserve a way of distilling that is also a way of life, deeply linked to the distiller’s family, to his social environs, to his pueblo, to an entire way of life largely deriving from indigenous culture that is at risk of rapid deterioration under pressure from the modernization of Mexico.


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Tasting Notes: Mezcalero #15 on Mezcalistas


3 reviews

4 of out 5 stars

razorbackmike on Feb 26, 2018

91 reviews

  • Overall:

this is very spicy!the nose has hints of mint and smoke but is faint.the entry is strong with lots of black pepper.mid-way opens up with agave sweetness with floral notes.the finish is medium in length with more agave but the strong pepper lingers.very tasty.fits the americana profile.

Tyler on Nov 30, 2016

249 reviews

  • Overall:

Like Mezcalero no. 10 this Sierra Negra agave release has spice. It’s ashy on the nose and velvety on the tongue. I really enjoy the sweet minerality that turns into burnt spice in this Sierra Negra. The finish is lingering citrus smoke. Delicious stuff.

Jonny on Nov 30, 2016

275 reviews

  • Overall:

Very suave! This has lots of smoked fruit and a creamy texture that makes it very appealing. There is lilac and some peach perfume on the nose. It’s fruit forward, but the fruit doesn’t overpower the taste, which is balanced with a bit of smoke and vegetal notes.

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