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Noble Coyote Capon

Noble Coyote Capon is made in Santiago Matatlan by Marcos & Eleazar Brena. It’s double distilled in a copper alembic still.

Rating: (2 reviews)
Brand:Noble Coyote Mezcal
Mezcalero:Eleazar Brena, Marcos Brena
Town:Santiago Matatlan
ABV: 48%
Website: www.noblecoyote.com
About this mezcal

Noble Coyote Capon is made with agave Espadin in Santiago Matatlan, Oaxaca. The cooked agave are milled by hand with mallets, and it’s double distilled in copper alembic stills. It’s floral with perfume and spice aromas. Wood and dried tangerine peel dominate the palate, followed by delicate lemongrass and robust anise.

Noble Coyote Mezcal

The coyote has played a fundamental role in mythology. Even today in Oaxaca, it is common to hear farmers tell stories about coyotes that reach supernatural proportions. Every bottle of Mezcal Noble Coyote identifies the Maestro Mezcalero that made the mezcal, the village in which it was made, the type of agave used, and the lot and bottle number. In addition, the Maestro Mezcaleros personally sign the labels as a guarantee of their commitment to the authenticity of their ancient craft. Noble Coyote is concerned with the sustainability of mezcal and is proactively involved in ensuring its future. Among other things, they have created and maintain a seed bank for wild agave. They also cultivate species and varieties of wild agave and devote considerable effort to reforesting the land with wild agave.

2 reviews

4 of out 5 stars



285 reviews
1 week ago

A delicious and different mezcal. With so many agave Espadin mezcals on the market these days it’s nice to find one that is above average. It tastes like a mezcal you’d drink while in Oaxaca.. bear with me. The flavors are a bit unrefined but organic. No sharp notes here. I get the blueberry notes that Jonny noted along with a slight lactic note, honeydew, and tobacco. There is a good funk which is different and enjoyable. The bottle lists: Marcos Brena. Oaxaca, Amatlan.



304 reviews
1 year ago

Smells amazing. Aromas of vanilla beans, orange cream, and cocoa. Very sweet across the palate. Notes of sweet roasted agave, blueberry cream cheese, and leather. Very sugary in a sugarcane sort of way. This was enjoyable and one of my favorites that I’ve tried from this brand.

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