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Paquera Espadin & Barril

Paquera Espadin & Barril has medium smoke and hints of fruit and flowers on the palate. It’s balanced with a buttery finish.

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Brand:Paquera Mezcal
Mezcalero:Francisco Javier
Agave:Barril, Espadin
Age of plant:7 years
About this mezcal

Paquera Espadin & Barril is made with 80% cultivated agave Espadin and 20% semi-cultivated agave Barril. This mezcal was curated for it’s use in cocktails but it’s also good neat. The agave used in this mezcal are cooked in an underground pit oven, mashed by horse-drawn tahona, fermented in oak vats, and double distilled in a copper still.

Paquera Mezcal

Paquera Mezcal gets it's name from a story about it's founder. He was dating a Brazilian girl and anytime he was out with her, she would say his name with Paquera at the end. In Portuguese, this word directly translates to a flirt or flirting, but in this case it was being used to describe that grey area of Friends with Benefits. This term is on every bottle and it's spirit is reflected in the logo and bottle design.

1 review

3 out of 5



92 reviews
1 year ago

This has a candied nose. Taste like green apples. The finish is dry, not very complex.

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