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Puntagave Artisanal

Puntagave is produced in the region of Yautepec, Oaxaca and bottled in a handmade ceramic decanter. It has layers of dried sweet fruits, hazelnuts, and cedar. 

About this mezcal

Puntagave is produced in the region of Yautepec, Oaxaca where agave Espadin plants are cooked in a traditional earth pit for three days. Each batch is crushed by a tahona and naturally fermented with a proprietary yeast. Fermentation takes place in wooden open-tanks for 15 days. This mezcal is bottled in a handmade ceramic decanter and the corks are made with the aged and cured corks used in their barrels. Unlike glass bottles, the ceramic decanter allows the distilled spirit to evolve over time. The ceramic homogenizes volatile particles and disperses into a fluid state smoothing and settling the tasting profile furthermore. Puntagave has layers of dried sweet fruits, hazelnuts, and cedar.


Puntagave Artisanal produces ultra-premium tequila and mezcal. The company possesses a proprietary “Consistency of Character” through an extraordinary blend and “engineered process.” This process is achieved by the 2nd certified Maestro tequilero in the world, Guillermo Barroso Arnaud. His endeavor to produce the ultimate taste profile involved producing, experimenting, and revising up to 52 batches to get to the desired tasting profile. The mindset is to produce the truest form of Tequila and Mezcal, emphasizing on a high-agave taste profile, even in the aged expression.

Puntagave Rustico is a line of microclimate, terroir-driven spirits of Mexico. The brand focuses on a “complexity of character” rather than the “consistency of characters.” Every controlled denomination of Puntagave Rustico is a unique product of a specific origin, micro-climate, time, and method of production. Older bottles were labeled under the brand name Colectivo Regional instead of Puntagave.

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Mezcal Mike

Mezcal Mike

29 reviews
Rated 2.5 out of 5 stars2 years ago

Lot E-03 “mezcal artesanal, “Oaxaca” 84 proof

Earthen pit, tahona, copper

Like most, I’ll keep drinking this one. Has a nice smoky authenticity to it but getting a little too close to the taste of a pickle. Tad sour?

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