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Quiereme Mucho Tobala

Quiereme Mucho Tobala has a fruity nose with notes of sweet agave and mango. The bottle is hand-painted, so the design will vary.

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Brand:Quiereme Mucho Mezcal
Mezcalero:Wilibaldo Rodríguez
About this mezcal

Quiereme Mucho Tobala is made wild agave Tobala by maestro mezcalero Wilibaldo Rodríguez. The ABV will vary by bottle, but should be between 45-47%. This mezcal is traditionally produced, and the cooked agave are hand-crushed. It has a sweet, fruity aroma, with tasting notes of ripe mango and fresh cinnamon.

Quiereme Mucho Mezcal

Quiereme Mucho is produced in the San Pedro Taviche Municipality, Ocotlán de Morelos District in Oaxaca, Mexico. Quiereme Mucho represents a mixture of two local traditions: Mezcal and Alebrijes. Their bottles are hand-painted by local artists using ancient techniques to create magical figures called Alebrijes. Their mezcal is 100% organic, estate-grown on their 2660-acre hacienda. Because each bottle is hand-painted, they all look slightly different.

2 reviews

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87 reviews
2 years ago

I wish this tasted as good as the bottle looks. Compared to other tobalas I can not say I enjoyed this one. It has a fishy taste.



387 reviews
2 years ago

Smells dusty, like old books and dusty flowers. Some tasting notes of lavender, all spice, and cumin, but there’s almost a fishy element to this with some salinity. It’s all over the palate but not in a good way. It seems there’s nothing cohesive about this flavor experience aside for the presence of fish. The finish is hot and tastes somewhat like motor oil.

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