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Quiereme Mucho Cuishe

Quiereme Mucho Cuishe is made with 100% Cuishe (karwinskii) agave. It has notes of smoked agave and rich cedar and oak.

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Brand:Quiereme Mucho Mezcal
Mezcalero:Wilibaldo Rodríguez
ABV: 45-47%
Age of plant: 9-11 years
Website: https://www.facebook.com/mezcalqm/
About this mezcal

Quiereme Mucho Cuishe is made with 100% wild agave Cuishe by maestro mezcalero Wilibaldo Rodríguez. The ABV will vary slightly by batch, but should be between 45-47%. This mezcal has aromas of smoked agave, herbs, and cedar. It’s soft and velvety on the palate. This mezcal is traditionally produced and the cooked agave is hand-crushed.

Quiereme Mucho Mezcal

Quiereme Mucho is produced in the San Pedro Taviche Municipality, Ocotlán de Morelos District in Oaxaca, Mexico. Quiereme Mucho represents a mixture of two local traditions: Mezcal and Alebrijes. Their bottles are hand-painted by local artists using ancient techniques to create magical figures called Alebrijes. Their mezcal is 100% organic, estate-grown on their 2660-acre hacienda. Because each bottle is hand-painted, they all look slightly different.

1 review

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Jonny on Feb 8, 2018

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Lot 005. This smells incredible. Aromas of sweet agave and sour fermented herbs. The palate is a bit of a letdown. Classic grassy and herbal notes of lavender and freshly cut greens. Unfortunately watery and subdued flavor. This is really thin and tastes very watered down. Not recommended.

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