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Siempre Oaxaca Espadin / Tobala

Siempre Oaxaca Espadin / Tobala comes from a mezcal-producing cooperative in the Ejutla region of Oaxaca. Check your bottle for details.

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Brand:Siempre Oaxaca Mezcal
Maguey:Espadin, Tobala
Agave:Angustifolia, Potatorum

About this mezcal

Siempre Oaxaca Espadin / Tobala is made with Agave angustifolia and Agave potatorum in the region of Ejutla, Oaxaca. Each bottle from this brand is produced by a mezcalero family and the details of each batch will vary. Check your bottle for details on that specific production.

Siempre Oaxaca Mezcal

The Siempre Oaxaca brand comes from the Integradora Comercial de Ejutla SA de CV ICESA cooperative. This cooperative is comprised of dozens of producer families in the Ejutla region of Oaxaca. In addition to the Siempre Oaxaca brand, the collective produces mezcal for Banhez and others.

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3.75 out of 5

2 reviews



76 reviews
Rated 3.5 out of 5 stars3 years ago

Siempre Oaxaca
Agave 75 Espadin/ 25 Tobala

Light nose with of bread crumbs, butter, and cream. Flavor is sweet and savory like Hawaiian ham with the pineapple and brown sugar. Lightly smoky with a medium palate and lasting finish. Tons of flavor for US$45.

Zack Klamn

Zack Klamn

542 reviews
Rated 4 out of 5 stars3 years ago

Nose – Spicy sweetness of a Hot Tamale candy. Baked apple cobbler. Rubber plant.

Palate – Interesting mouth feel – viscous and a somewhat slight chalky feel (although it is crystal clear and 100% sediment free). Again, with the Hot Tamale candy, I really enjoy that. Finish is quite warm with notes of oaky smoke, anise and dark chocolate.

Great mezcal – it definitely differentiates itself (in a good way).

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