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Siete Misterios Coyote

Siete Misterios Coyote mezcal is very rare and hard to find, due to the rarity of the agave Coyote in the Sola de Vega region. If you see it, try it.

Rating: (4 reviews)
Brand:Siete Misterios Mezcal
Mezcalero:Don Jose Cruz
Distillation:Clay Pot
Town:Sola de Vega
ABV: 46%
Website: www.sietemisterios.com
About this mezcal

Siete Misterios Coyote is made with the somewhat rare agave Coyote. This agave very closely resembles agave Arroqueno while it’s growing, but the mezcal that is made from it is quite different. Typically, agave Coyote has more herbal notes than Arroqueno, and this mezcal is no exception. Due to the rarity of this agave in the Sola de Vega region, the Siete Misterios Coyote mezcal is very rare and hard to find.  If you see it, try it. This mezcal is distilled in clay pots and all of the milling is done by hand.

Siete Misterios Mezcal

Siete Misterios was founded in 2010 with the intent of keeping traditional mezcal production at the forefront of the mezcal industry. They produce a wide range of mezcals that all highlight a single agave varietal. They are backed by those who are deeply saddened by the industrialization seen in most tequila and some low-grade mezcal, and they're doing everything in their power to keep the art of the mezcalero alive. The mezcaleros making their bottles change batch to batch, so one batch's bottles may taste entirely different from the next batch's bottles. This gives Siete Misterios a lot of variety in it's bottling as each batch is made by a different person, with agave grown in a slightly different micro-climate, and the mezcal may hold a slightly different ABV. Make sure to check your bottle for these details.

4 reviews

3.5 of out 5 stars



17 reviews
3 months ago

LOTE : CYT07/16
YEAR : 2016
NOSE : Clay, caramel, slowly giving headway to green pepper and eucalyptus. Soya sauce at the bottom of the glass.
TASTE : soft on the palate. Notes huge butterscotch with mint thrown in there.
FINISH : Dry and lingering with some smoke.
Pretty consistent mezcal judging for the other reviews…



32 reviews
11 months ago

I prefer their Mexicano much more.

This one has notes of mineral, cleaning detergent and strawberries. Quite bitter on the pallet.

Scent: 2/5
Mouthfeel: 2/5



92 reviews
2 years ago

americana sweetness.reserved spice and clay notes.exceptioal clean and distinct flavor.soft finish.very good.aftertaste of vanilla and campfire.tried for the first time on halloween night.for some reason it added to the experience.



298 reviews
3 years ago

Leather and butterscotch on the nose. This coyote is vegetal like a tobalá but with a kick. There are notes of burnt wood, ash, leather, jalapeño, and vanilla spice. Didn’t catch the batch number but have had this twice in two different bars and got the same impression. You don’t see much coyote mezcal, so try it while you can.

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