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Siete Misterios Mexicano

Siete Misterios Mexicano is the most rare of their releases. They only produce about 200 bottles of this each year, so make sure to try it if you see it.

About this mezcal

Siete Misterios Mexicano is made with 100% agave Mexicano, which is very rare in the region surrounding Sola de Vega, Oaxaca. For this reason, this mezcal is the most rare of all the current Siete Misterios releases. In the first five years of production, they’ve only released a total of just less than 1,000 bottles. So if you see this mezcal, make sure you try it. Like other Siete Misterios mezcal, this is milled by hand and distilled in a clay pot still.

Siete Misterios Mezcal

Siete Misterios was founded in 2010 with the intent of keeping traditional mezcal production at the forefront of the mezcal industry. They produce a wide range of mezcals that all highlight a single agave varietal. They are backed by those who are deeply saddened by the industrialization seen in most tequila and some low-grade mezcal, and they're doing everything in their power to keep the art of the mezcalero alive. The mezcaleros making their bottles change batch to batch, so one batch's bottles may taste entirely different from the next batch's bottles. This gives Siete Misterios a lot of variety in it's bottling as each batch is made by a different person, with agave grown in a slightly different micro-climate, and the mezcal may hold a slightly different ABV. Make sure to check your bottle for these details.

4 reviews

4 out of 5



71 reviews
10 months ago

Lot MXN02/14, distilled 2014. A well-balanced mezcal with vegetal notes, citrus and smoke. Rather soft and sweet with more fruit than spice. There is also an earthy note underlying it all. A very easy, pleasant drink.

Nic Hnastchenko

Nic Hnastchenko

102 reviews
1 year ago

Probably my favorite from Siete Misterios that I’ve tried. slightly partial to Mexicano but this was good.



32 reviews
2 years ago

Ahhh I really liked this one. And compared to the Doba-Yej that I had before this is heaven. Really interesting notes of green vegetation, smoke, Christmas spice and citrus.

Scent: 4/5
Mouthfeel: 4/5



105 reviews
3 years ago

borderline 5 star.very silky and sweet to start.the transition to spice and fruit is seemless.spice is not strong but is present.cinnamon on the finish with slight earth and clay.the finish is so easy and it all ties together without flaw.the nose is mild and sweet.but reserved.this is one that you want to continue again and again!!not as spicy as other mexicanos but is sweeter.alcohol is barely detected.

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