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Sin Gusano Tobala & Tepextate – Amatlan

Sin Gusano Tobala & Tepextate from San Luis Amatlan is produced using a copper refrescadera still that is uncommon outside this general region of Oaxaca.

About this destilado de agave

Sin Gusano Tobala & Tepextate from San Luis Amatlan, Oaxaca is produced by maestro mezcalero Nicholas Garcia Gutierrez. Nicholas cooks his agave in a traditional earthen pit. He mills the agave at his palenque using a mechanical chipper. These chippers were handed out by the government some time ago in an effort to modernize mezcal production. Some producers rejected the chippers in favor of the older milling methods, but Nicholas and many others use theirs regularly. Once fermented, the agave are distilled in a copper refrescadera still. This ensamble is 75% Tobala and 25% Tepextate.

Sin Gusano Project

The Sin Gusano Project aims to inspire consumers to ethically explore the wonders of handmade agave spirits, which are traditionally known as Mezcal. The brand operates bars and events, and travels regularly through Mexico to source an evolving range of rare distillates. Many of these artisanal spirits haven’t been experienced outside of the communities in which they are made until now.

Sin Gusano launched the Mezcal Appreciation Society (M.A.S.) in spring 2020. M.A.S. is the UK’s only agave spirits subscription club, providing members with regular shipments of agave spirits and educational materials. Membership to the Mezcal Appreciation Society can be purchased here.

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