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Tres Tribus Espadin Capón

Tres Tribus Espadin Capón is produced by fifth generation mezcalero Juan Antonio Coronel in the mountains of Oaxaca

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Brand:Tres Tribus
Mezcalero:Juan Antonio Coronel
Style:Capón, Joven
Town:San Francisco Nuxaño
ABV: 44%
Age of plant: 8-12 years
Release year: 2024
Website: https://trestribus.com, opens in new window

About this mezcal

Tres Tribus Espadin Capón is produced by fifth generation mezcalero Juan Antonio Coronel in San Francisco Nuxaño, Oaxaca. The wild agaves are only harvested after the quiote has begun to sprout, signaling the end of its life. This represents peak maturity. After harvesting, the cultivated agaves are cooked for up to a week in an underground conical oven using Encino Oak wood. Next, the cooked agave is mashed by hand with wooden mallets and then loaded into underground amphoras to ferment for up to a week. Even in colder weather, the mashed agave and pristine mountain water from a nearby volcano aquifer ferment in the cement containers with the help of ambient yeast. Finally he double distills in copper.

The label features, Acoatl, The Snake, which connects the realm of the living and the realm of the dead. Brand tasting notes: banana, mango, prickly pear and almond.

Tres Tribus

Named for the three tribes that first settled the region, Tres Tribus is a small batch artesanal mezcal hand-crafted by fifth generation mezcalero Juan Antonio Coronel in the remote mountains of Oaxaca. These time-honored traditional techniques bring forth pure, rich and complex profiles of the wild agave foraged from the region’s lush, pine-covered forests.

Altos Planos co-founder Juan Coronado first tasted Coronel’s Espadín Capon during a trip to Oaxaca in the mid-90s. After the success of Mijenta Tequila, Coronado wanted to share traditionally produced mezcal with those passionate about agave spirits, and Tres Tribus was born.

The brand is the first and only (as of June 2024) Certified B Corporation. Tres Tribus is fully carbon neutral and committed to acting in an environmentally responsible manner.

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