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Yotobi Sandía

¡Yotobi! Sandía is distilled in copper pots with watermelon and 100% Espadin to create a vegan pechuga

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Brand:Yotobi Mezcal
Mezcalero:Guillermo Fabián, Magdaleno Santiago
Style:Joven, Pechuga
Town:San Martín Lachilá
ABV: 42%
Age of plant: 6-8 years
Release year: 2023
Website: https://yotobimezcal.com/, opens in new window

About this mezcal

¡Yotobi! Sandía is created using 100% Maguey Espadin (Agave angustifolia) distilled with watermelon. It is produced in San Martín Lachilá, Oaxaca by mezcalero Magdaleno Santiago and his brother-in-law Guillermo Fabián. The harvested agaves are cooked in a conical volcanic rock oven, open-air fermented with natural yeast, milled with an electric shredder. Finally, this mezcal is twice distilled in copper pots with natural watermelon fruit in the second distillation. Only pulp fruit is added; rinds, skins, and plant matter are discarded.

Yotobi Mezcal

Yotobi Mezcal focuses on offering a collection of fruit-forward mezcals crafted with 100% Maguey Espadín. Each mezcal utilizes real all-natural fruit without using syrups, additives, or artificial flavorings. In 2020, the brand founders asked themselves, “what if mezcal had more familiar flavors that balanced out the smokiness?” Three years later, they launched a fruit-forward mezcal designed to inject fun and flavor into the world of agave.

The brand name Yotobi is a kind of shorthand for “Yo todo bien”, translating to “I’m all good” or “Allswell.”

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