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Zacbe Joven

Zacbe Joven is an Ensamble of maguey Espadin and Cirial. The agave are cooked, fermented, and distilled together to make this mezcal.

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Brand:Zacbé Mezcal
Mezcalero:Apolonio Ramirez
Maguey:Cirial, Espadin
Agave:Angustifolia, Karwinskii
Town:San Agustín Amatengo
ABV: 40%

About this mezcal

Zacbe Joven is made with maguey Espadin and Cirial in San Agustín Amatengo, Oaxaca. Maestro Mezcalero Apolonio Ramirez Cruz produces this mezcal traditionally, cooking the agave in an underground pit oven, milling the cooked agave by ox-drawn tahona, fermenting with open air yeasts, and distilling this mezcal in a copper refrescadora still. It has aromas of smoked herbs, grilled tropical fruits, straw and nougat with a medium to full body.

Zacbé Mezcal

Zacbé Mezcal is made in San Agustín Amatengo, Oaxaca. Their marketing seems to be very focused on the mythical elements of mezcal history and production: “Mezcal Zacbé has only been touched by the water, sun, air and earth that saw the birth of the maguey plant; by the stones, the wood and the fire in the cooking; and it is only fermented with the yeasts of the maguey and the field.”

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