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Mezcal enthousiast from Belgium. Starting an (online) shop so people from europe and belgium can buy quality mezcal and other handcrafted spirits.
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Clande Lechuguilla (Blue)

Aug 22, 2021

october 2018, 95 l made, Abv: 46 % , 100% agave shrevei Lupe Lopez
I can only recommend this bottle for those who like bold flavors. Certainly not a typical mezcal taste, but what is typical about mezcal? It’s its diversity, isn’t it? In the end I can’t say it better than Philip, a Serbian bartender I got to know in Amsterdam. Phillip was catapulted back to his native village in Serbia on the first draft, where they scatter charcoal on the snow-covered streets in winter to keep the elderly from slipping. And this is it, this Mezcal tastes village, mineral and has a slightly ash character that broods for a long time. It really does taste like winter on the farm; animalistic, soggy and a brutal gust of blue cheese that will linger in your copita for a few more days. One can also discern some winter herbs and a speck of aniseed. If you want to know what they mean by funky mezcal, this is it.

Memorable Espadin

May 1, 2021

batch number MD-06 harvest summer 2018, 30/900 Bustamante, 48.5% abv, price +/- 65 euro 700ml

Bustamante shows that you don’t have to use rare agaves to make spectacular mezcal. It’s all in the hands of the maker. This espadin is one of the best i have tasted so far. (bustamante also produces for other brands like la medida and casta tribal and these mezcals won alot of golden medaillons so it shows)

This mezcal has aroma of some earthyness with tropical fruits and gentle smoke. On the palate there is an abundance of sweet cooked agave with hints of tropical fruits, citrus and melon. The sweetness of the cooked agave lingers on the palate, reminiscent of sugarglazed donuts. The finish is medium long with a soft salty smoke at the end.
This mezcal is overall well balanced and so smooth to drink. love it!

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