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Cy Bister
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Sky Islander. Ectotherm appreciator.
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La Luna Cupreata

May 21, 2020

Lovely. Jack-fruit and overripe cantaloupe on the nose. Very sweet taste, the jack-fruit/juicyfruit gum is far more pleasant than it sounds and essentially dominates. There are some very faint peppery/spicy notes that manifest in the back of the mouth/throat and while I would say there’s no real smokey taste, after several sips there is a distinctly ashy aftertaste that begins to accumulate. I like this a lot.

Del Maguey VIDA Clásico

May 17, 2020

Earthy, herbal and slightly artificial on the nose – like an air freshener or hand sanitizer whose scent you just can’t quite nail down. Maybe a touch of new car upholstery in there. But upon tasting there’s some unidentified sweet fruits, vanilla, fresh bell pepper, and some peppery smoke in there. As for the rest of the not-so-flattering reviews here – clearly familiarity breeds contempt. This is downright pleasant, even if it isn’t outstanding.

Agave de Cortes Joven

May 16, 2020

Not much going on aroma-wise, very mild river stone and agave. Taste is quite mild with a decent spicy heat on the finish. Hard to really separate out any flavors, though it’s definitely a pleasant drink. Best summed up as a decent semi-sweet, non-smoky mescal. Nothing more, nothing less.

Los Javis Espadin

May 14, 2020

Pleasant and mild – herbs, cucumber, and vaguely floral notes on the nose. Tastes rather thin and dry, with only a hint of sweetness, but finishes with a sudden peppery heat on the back of the throat that lingers for a while afterward. There is some smoke, but it’s buried pretty far back in the mix. I won’t call it unbalanced by any means, I certainly enjoy it. But those loving sweeter components and/or smoke, like me, will not find either in any abundance here.

Bozal Ensamble

May 11, 2020

Nose is understated; earth and wet stone dominate with hints of roasted chili, cucumber, and herbs. Taste is surprisingly sweet and mineral which was unexpected given the nose. Vanilla, roasted agave, and maybe a hint of cinnamon with a subtle but still satisfying smoky finish. Amazingly not very hot at all given the 47% ABV. Fairly salty. This is quite good.

Sombra Joven

May 11, 2020

Creosote, smoke, and sweet flowers/honeysuckle on the nose. Nice heat, attention-getting. Desert highway road tar, pepper, campfires, and vanilla with the road tar/smoke lingering long after the vanilla fades away. Completely sippable neat if you’re in the mood for it. Otherwise, I’m sure it’s great as a mixer but I won’t be doing that!

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