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I eat, I cook, I travel, and mezcal is my companion. "Quien mezcal no ha bebido, no ha vivido."
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Madre Espadin – Cuishe

May 10, 2020

518/007 Eucalyptus and sage on the nose. Bergamot sugar and nail polish. Aroma reminds me of vanilla pound cake. More on the smoky side. Eucalyptus and mint are predominant on the palate. Sweetness is noticeable with hints of tangerine. The espadin brings the citrus and sweetness and the cuishe is noticed through the herbal and medicinal hints. Tasty mezcal that might feel smoky on the first sips, but after the third one, it becomes very enjoyable. Not bad at all for the price.

Alipus Ensamble

May 10, 2020

SABI016/15 1556/2500 More citrus, like tangerine, lime, and grapefruit on the nose. Agave syrup, and strong sweet aromas like pastry cream. Agave syrup on the palate with grapefruit zest, and orange oil. Slight minty notes. You definitely taste the espadin with the citrus notes, and some of the bicuishe is noticeable with savory and minty hints. Good mezcal with not too much smoke and good balance. Not super memorable.

Fidencio Madrecuixe

May 7, 2020

Lot M-15. 48.8% Black Label (Not sure if it is different from the “white label”.
First note that I get is pineapple. Subtle notes of candied pineapple and apples. Strong tropical fruit aroma, like passion fruit and, maybe kiwi? Slight hoja santa hints, almost anis-like but with more herbal notes. Mineral notes on the nose that might speak about the more arid terroir in Santiago Matatlan. On the palate, it looses most of its tropical fruit attributes and leaves more of a medicinal, herbal flavor, with a slight candied walnut taste. Laves an anis-like aftertaste on the palate throughout the finish. The finish is definitely mouth-watering. You keep on salivating and salivating. Medium-long finish.
Definitely a delicious mezcal that is worth show-casing, but it is not something extraordinaire. I was lucky enough to get it for only $38.00!!! Mistake from the liquor store, they sold it for the same price as the “Clasico”. Lucky me!!

Leyendas Tobala (Puebla)

May 4, 2020

Smell of botanicals, almost gin like without too much of the juniper. Granny smith apple, honeydew, slight salinity on the nose, pickling liquid. Slight aroma of sugar brulee. Very complex on the nose. Taste is consistent with the granny smith apple and the honeydew, with spicy notes on the back of the palate. You’re able to taste some brininess. Not too smooth. Medium finish. Overall it is a quite complex tobala, as it should be, but not your common Oaxacan Tobala, due to terroir. Very enjoyable.

Alipus San Luis

May 3, 2020

Lote: SLR002/18 Spicy on the nose, with green peppers, and a touch of sweet lemonade. Not many herbs, but definitely some mint. The taste has some minerality, citrus oils, and somewhat reminds of Naxos Kitron. Medium finish. Delicious Espadin that will not disappoint.

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