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Every culture distilled something. I'm intent on trying all of it.
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Real Minero Pechuga

Jan 23, 2020

Batch RMP-01 from 2014

The nose:

Pineapples! Fills the room up the second you pull the top. Just smells so sweet of fruit and clean chicken, almost like boiling chicken for a soup.

Palate: This is lush and viscous, almost oily on the tongue. It rolls around your mouth and coats everything. The savoriness is more present here than many pechugas, almost like chicken skin. The fruity sweetness isn’t cut back at all though. There’s tropical fruits and cloves really shining through. Very little cooling eucalyptus or mint that I normally see with espadin.

Finish: Clay is super present here. The sugar drops off and you’re left salivating from the savory meat flavors. Then its just lingering clay with an almost metallic earthy flavor.

This is up there. 8.5-9.0 out of 10. Really incredible stuff. Not sure why i don’t reach for this bottle more often.

El Jolgorio Pechuga Navideña

Dec 26, 2019

Black bottle Edition 07 (christmas blend)

The nose:

Soft. Berries and cream sweetness. Some clean cucumber.

Palate: Smoke up front, with a little of turkey coming through. Almost more like the taste you get in your mouth when you can tell the turkey is burning. Lots of sweetness and dried fruits follow the smoke and dry earthiness as you swallow.

Finish: Long lingering finish that leaves a tingling menthol sugar on a deep breath, but leaves the tongue bone dry.

I’m unsure how to rank this. The last time I tried it I got almost none of the turkey and felt it to be a little one dimensional, this time it’s completely different. Need a few more glasses before I give it a final score

Farolito Penca Verde

Dec 20, 2019

Nose: almost a little lacking, especially compared to the huge taste on this. Only the slightest hint of woodsmoke on the nose, and then just soft sugar and almost a really distant lavender.

Palate: sooo sweet and juicy. Honey, lavender, big citrus, more honey, and then just a perfectly balanced smoked meat. This is the honey glazed burnt end of mezcal.

Finish: lingering sugar, I’m drooling. Slight drying on the top center of the tongue, but nothing to at all remind you that this is a spirit proofed over 90. This bottle could disappear quick if I didn’t keep it tucked back.

Vago Bien Picado – Aquilino

Dec 8, 2019

nose is wheatgrass, floral perfume, the smell of mirepoix sans onions (that steam from carrots and celery soft sweetness but clear sour and earth), tobacco leaves not dried the green plant, and a lingering fruit in the background

big sweetness on the back of the tongue, there’s that fruit. Leaves the tip of the tongue dry and the linger of a well aged cigar, some eucalyptus, a little of an almost soft earthiness like daikon. that sort of grass and dirt maybe closer to cooked leeks very savory, but sweet. The more I’m drinking it, the more I get a hard toffee flavor when sipping, but it vanishes immediately to that fruit

finish is long, really leaves your mouth watering like eating a hard candy but just the tip of my tongue feels bone dry

Really glad I got a chance to grab one of these. This is an incredible, complex mezcal that isn’t like anything else I’ve ever had. Texans don’t realize how lucky they are to have gotten the entire batch.

really really good stuff

Mezcalero No. 21

Sep 15, 2019

Light melon on the nose with a little bbqed pork and smoke.
Pineapple is the first thing that comes to mind. A lingering woodsmoke. A lot of sweetness almost like palm sugar when combined with the fruit notes. Really great bottle.

La Venenosa Etnica Tutsi Maguey Masparillo

Aug 16, 2019

Lot 7 bottle 120 of 120 for this batch. Unique flavors right out of the gate. It’s musty, but has a good lingering sugar at the back of the tongue. Leaves a strong note of cedar and the smell of wilted herbs. It’s earthy and and fruity at the same time. An incredible bottle worth seeking out.

Origen Raiz Cenizo

Aug 16, 2019

Batch 04CDIG0316 Edition 7 2016
Batch size 482 bottles
Really great, and unique mezcal. This is the first Durango I’ve had, and I was surprised at how much rich minerality it had. I see that they bury the pinas under volcanic rock while roasting, and the strong note of wet stone after a hot summer rain is likely a direct result of this. The smoke is strong and forward, but not a big mesquite note, just ash and smoke. There is a soft sweetness at the tip of the tongue, and then a lingering dry finish that reminds me a well executed sauvignon blanc.

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