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Farolito Penca Verde

Farolito Penca Verde is made by maestro Valentin Celis, who has been making mezcal for In Situ Mezcaleria in Oaxaca City for many years.

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Brand:Farolito Mezcal
Mezcalero:Valentin Celis
Distillation:Clay Pot
ABV: 45.39%
Website: https://www.insitumezcaleria.com/
About this mezcal

Farolito Penca Verde is made with agave Penca Verde; on the bottle it is labeled as ‘Agave Sp’ which means it is an unclassified species. This mezcal is made by maestro mezcalero Valentin Celis in Zimatlan, Oaxaca. Once cooked and crushed, the agave are fermented in clay pots, and then distilled in a small clay pot still. A different batch of this was imported into the US in 2014 under the Wahaka VdM brand. We tasted it as part of our blog Wahaka VdM at The Pastry War (see the Oaxaca – Penca Verde entry). The initial Farolito batch imported into the US was 702 bottles.

Farolito Mezcal

Farolito Mezcal is the exported brand from the infamous In Situ Mezcaleria in Oaxaca City. All of the mezcal in the mezcaleria, as well as the mezcal bottled under the Farolito brand, are curated by mezcal legend Ulises Torrentera. Ulises has spent the last couple decades touring palenques of the different regions of Oaxaca and beyond. He is also the author of Mezcalaria and other emblematic books about Mezcal.

1 review

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3 weeks ago

Very strange… musty smell, like mothballs mixed with mulch. Tastes like an army surplus smells. Perfect finish that lingers like sweet woodsmoke in a bbq joint. Enjoyable

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