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400 Conejos Joven

400 Conejos Joven is used mostly for mixed drinks. At 38% ABV, it’s a nice choice that will not overpower a drink.

Rating: (3 reviews)
Brand:400 Conejos Mezcal
Mezcalero:Don Tacho
Town:Santiago Matatlan
ABV: 38%
Age of plant: 8-10 years
Website: https://400conejos.mx/
About this mezcal

400 Conejos Espadin Joven is produced by maestro mezcalero Don Tacho in Santiago Matatlan, Oaxaca. Don Tacho carefully selects the agave Espadin when they have reached maturity after 8-10 years. This mezcal is traditionally produced using a stone oven (horno), horse-drawn tahona, and copper distillation.

400 Conejos Mezcal

Mezcal 400 Conejos is named after the ancestral belief that agave spirits were occupied by 400 rabbits. Those who ingested the agave spirits would be controlled by one of the 400 rabbits, but no one ever knew which rabbit you'd get with each mezcal. Each rabbit had a different personality and way of making you think and act. Mezcal 400 Conejos' expressions are made with agave Espadin, and their mezcal is marketed mostly for cocktails.

3 reviews

1.8 of out 5 stars



53 reviews
3 months ago

At 38% the lightest mezcal I’ve ever tired. If you want flavor this isn’t it. This might be a good starter for someone who has never had mezcal.



301 reviews
3 months ago

Lote 020-18GS. Aromas of geraniums, fresh tomatillos, mildew, chalk, and sea salt. The palate is light and approachable. There are some green vegetal notes of dry green tea leaves, asparagus, and olives. There’s nothing in this that would be offensive or off putting. The ABV is too low for my liking, but others may enjoy that, especially if you’re accustomed to lower ABV tequila.



283 reviews
3 months ago

There’s no “spirit” in this spirit. Not offensive and not interesting. Not much agave. Lots of water with sweet tart vanilla/lemon. A 750ml bottle is about $23 USD in Mexico and I’ve only seen it in Mexico. Tried it at a hotel bar in Puerto Vallarta (they had this and Amores Espadin). This is probably more of a 1.5 stars given the low ABV could hinder its flavor profile in cocktails.

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