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Agua Mágica Ensamble

Agua Mágica Ensamble is produced in San Juan del Río, Oaxaca by mezcalero Rogelio Juan Hernandez using Maguey Espadin and Maguey Tobalá.

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Brand:Agua Mágica
Holograms:0805B0001104A, opens in new window
Mezcalero:Rogelio Juan Hernandez
Maguey:Espadin, Tobala
Agave:Angustifolia, Potatorum
Style:Ensamble, Joven
Town:San Juan del Rio
ABV: 40%
Batch size: 2,000 bottles (Lot No. AM 20 - initial release)
Release year: 2021
Website: https://www.aguamagica.com/, opens in new window
About this mezcal

Agua Mágica Ensamble is produced in San Juan del Río, Oaxaca by mezcalero Rogelio Juan Hernandez. This ensamble is composed of 7-year-old mature Maguey Espadin (Agave angustifolia) and 15-year-old mature Maguey Tobalá (Agave potatorum). The plants are cooked in a traditional earthen oven for 24 hours and left to rest for 1-2 days before they are crushed by a horse-drawn tahona. Next, the crushed maguey is fermented naturally in wooden vats for 7-8 days along with freshwater from the region. Finally, it is double distilled in copper.

The mezcal has aromas of cooked maguey, subtle smoke, bananas, and almonds. On the palate, there are herbal and fresh notes along with cooked maguey, banana, almond, and caramel.

Agua Mágica

Agua Mágica founded by Rafael Shin, a former food & beverage finance specialist within the Latin America market. Through a single-village partnership with Maestro Mezcalero Rogelio Juan Hernandez, Agua Mágica has created a mezcal that is meant to be sipped neat during moments of introspection.

Investors of Agua Mágica include founders of leading direct-to-consumer brands and influential entrepreneurs in lifestyle and hospitality like Jeff Raider (Co-Founder & Co-CEO of Harry’s and Co-Founder of Warby Parker), Dave Gilboa and Neil Blumenthal (Co-Founders & Co-CEOs of Warby Parker), Joey Zwillinger (Co-Founder of Allbirds), Karlie Kloss (Founder of Klossy), Babba Rivera (Founder & CEO of Ceremonia), Hannah Bronfman (Founder of HBFIT) and Penni Thow (Founder & CEO of Copper).

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