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Banhez Pechuga de Pavo

Banhez Pechuga de Pavo is a special limited release that is made with the addition of wild fruits and a turkey breast that is suspended in the still.

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Brand:Banhez Mezcal
Mezcalero:Juan Osorio
Town:San Vicente Coatlán
Age of plant:8-12 years
About this mezcal

Banhez Pechuga de Pavo is made with the addition of apples and other seasonal fruits. A Turkey breast (pechuga de pavo) is also strung in the still for the third and final distillation. This type of Pechuga is traditionally drunken during celebrations like a quinceañera, marriage, or other big life event. Pechuga is a festive, special drink. This Pechuga de Pavo has also been released with a label that simply states Banhez Pechuga.

Banhez Mezcal

Banhez Mezcal is a co-operative comprised of 35+ families in the tiny village of San Miguel Ejutla in the central valley of Oaxaca. The Banhez Mezcal co-op is committed to sustainable, fair trade mezcal production the same way it’s been done by their ancestors for nearly two centuries. The Banhez Ensamble is made by the collective and the brand also has single agave varietals produced by a single mezcalero from the co-op.

2 reviews

4 of out 5 stars

1 month ago

By far my favorite pechuga so far. A lighter, fruity pechuga with turkey breast, pineapple, guava, plantain, etc. this pechuga is a steal for the price.

10 months ago

Glad I didn’t confuse this one with the classic Banhez Pechuga with chicken 😉 Was solid, from a while back, strong apple up front that was a little distracting from the agave.

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