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Bozal Chino Verde

Bozal Chino Verde has aromas of earth, dried herbs, and burlap with a soft smokiness. Ancho chiles are on the palate with flavors of charred meats.

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Brand:Bozal Mezcal
Mezcalero:Alberto Vasquez
Distillation:Clay Pot
Town:Sola de Vega
ABV: 48.4%
Website: http://www.bozalmezcal.com/
About this mezcal

Bozal Chino Verde is made with the wild and rare Chino Verde agave, which was foraged from the Sierra Madre del Sur mountains. This subspecies of the Karwinskii Family of agave grows vertically as a single stalk with its leaves spreading at the top. This agave is also simply known as agave Verde in other communities in Oaxaca. This mezcal is distilled in small clay pots in Sola de Vega. This is part of Bozal’s limited Reserva collection.

Bozal Mezcal

Mezcal Bozal is a craft, artisan, handmade Mezcal. They celebrate the wild side of the Mezcal world and the wild agave used to produce such rich spirits. They use agave from the steep precarious hillsides of Oaxaca and Guerrero that are indigenous to the region. These varietals produce flavors that are exotically intense, with rich earth tones and savory smokiness. From the heart of the maguey these flavors are traditionally extracted to produce mezcal that is wildly refined.

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4 months ago

Lot 00118. Smells of chemicals, my girlfriend and I were trying to figure out what the smell reminded us of and we decided it was like the smell you get walking into an auto mechanic shop. Motor oil and many unidentifiable chemicals. Tastes very strongly of sandlewood, with faint notes of candy corns, pine, and wood varnish. The finish is sour and bitter like grapefruit seed extract.

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