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Cardenxe Sotol de Desierto

Cardenxe Sotol De Desierto is produced in the arid municipality of Ciudad Aldama.

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Brand:Cardenxe Sotol
Sotolero:Gerardo Ruelas Hernandez
Dasylirion:Berlandieri, Cedrosanum, Texanum
ABV: 45%
Website: https://cardenxesotol.mx/, opens in new window

About this sotol

Cardenxe Sotol de Desierto is produced in the arid municipality of Ciudad Aldama. This is a blend of three varieties of Dasylirion grown in the desert. After several long experimentations, the ‘Sotol De Desierto’ came into being. It’s characterized by a juxtaposition of sweet and mineral notes, the Sotol De Desierto is tamed by its light lingering vegetal aftertaste.

Cardenxe Sotol

Cardenxe Sotol is a terroir-inspired craft spirit, distilled from the heart of the Dasylirion plant, in North of Mexico – where it holds a Denomination of Origin.

Every label (eg. Desierto and Sierra) honors a different environment in which the plants used to distill grew. Different winds & soil, methods, cultures and climates influence the sotol, and as such the brand aims to explore the unique profiles of each region.

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