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Casta Tribal Ensamble 103

Casta Tribal Ensamble 103 is an ensamble of three magueys: Tobala, Madrecuishe, and Espadin.

About this mezcal

Casta Tribal Ensamble 103 is made with 12 year old maguey Tobala (agave Potatorum), 12 year old maguey Madrecuishe (agave Karwinskii), and 8 year old maguey Espadín (agave Angustifolia). This mezcal is produced by two different maestro mezcaleros, José Diaz and Cipriano Hernandez. Check your bottle for details on which producer made that specific batch. Jose Diaz is from Porfirio Diaz’s Miahuatlan region, where he is the heir to his family’s Mezcal heritage. Cipriano has his palenque in the Salinas Municipality of Ejutla.

Casta Tribal Mezcal

Casta Tribal Mezcal bottles artisanal ensambles. With the fast growth of the mezcal industry, finding ways to protect the supply and biodiversity of the raw material (agave) is becoming increasingly important. That is why Casta Tribal decided to produce mostly Ensambles featuring their favorite wild agaves: Tobala, Tepeztate, Cuishe, and Madre Cuishe. Their mezcales are ensambles of harvested and wild agaves, decreasing the pressure on the rare and sometimes endangered species.

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