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Corte Vetusto Espadin

Corte Vetusto Espadin is handmade by fourth generation maestro mezcalero. The agaves are cooked using mesquite wood specially for the flavors the wood imparts on the final spirit.

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Brand:Corte Vetusto Mezcal
Mezcalero:Juan Carlos Gonzalez Diaz
Town:San Pablo Villa de Mitla
About this mezcal

Corte Vetusto Espadin is handmade by fourth generation maestro mezcalero Juan Carlos Gonzalez Diaz using mature agave Espadin. This joven mezcal is distilled to proof at 45% ABV. This mezcal is crushed with a tahona and then naturally fermented. Two distillations are done in a 250 liter copper pot still. This mezcal was a International Wine & Spirit Competition 2017 Gold Outstanding & Mezcal Trophy winner.

Corte Vetusto Mezcal

Corte Vetusto mezcal is hand-crafted by Juan Carlos Gonzalez Diaz, a 4th generation Zapotec Maestro Mezcalero. The art of mezcal making was passed down through the generations since his great grandfather, Don Mauro. The name of the brand Corte Vetusto means "the ancient cut" and comes from an old story about a master mezcalero's desire to create a cut of mezcal so divine that it invokes the spirit of generations before him. That sacred distillation of earth, fire and history is the Corte Vetusto.

3 reviews

2.7 of out 5 stars



19 reviews
1 year ago

smell isn’t very strong, if anything it’s similar to acetone. smokiness is subtle and there is an overall bitter flavor that i am not a fan of. it is smooth and crisp on the palate, just not a fan of the flavor profile.

1 year ago

Better than i thought it would be. Dunno the price point, but if its less than $50 a bottle, id buy again and again

Solid espadin



14 reviews
2 years ago

Sweet aromas with a bit of smoke…somewhat watery with hints of broccoli, lettuce, and almonds….very soft and light….not a ton of character….probably better for cocktails than for sipping

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