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Cuentacuentos Cupreata – Benigno Sanchez Gatica

Cuentacuentos Cupreata from Benigno Sánchez Gatica is produced in El Peral, Guerrero using Agave cupreata.

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Category:Destilado de Agave
Mezcalero:Benigno Sánchez Gatica
Style:Aged in Glass
Town:El Peral
ABV: 47.9%
Batch size: Batch BSG001: 172 bottles
Website: https://realmezcal.com/, opens in new window

About this destilado de agave

Cuentacuentos Cupreata from Benigno Sánchez Gatica is produced in El Peral, Guerrero using Agave cupreata. Don Benigno cooks his agave in a pit oven, mills the cooked agave using a shredder, ferments the agaves with open air yeasts, and double distills in a copper alembic still.

As of October 2023, Don Beni was 87 years old. Batch BSG001 was just 172 bottles, distilled in April of 2016.


Cuentacuentos curates small-batch traditional mezcals and destilados de agave from producers across the state of Oaxaca. Cuentacuentos released its first 6 mezcal expressions in 2018; future releases from the brand will change over time and include non-certified mezcals. The logo and bottle artwork (by artist Cesar Ruiz Conseco) features an opossum or tlacuache in Spanish. The tlacuache on the logo is El Viejito, the little old man opposum who stole mezcal from the demons as a service to humanity. The tlacuache ranks with the jaguar, eagle, and burro in importance in Zapotec, Taina, and Mexican mythologies. The Cuentacuentos motto is Mezcal brings people together, stories make us friends.

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars8 months ago

Lot BSG001 from April 2016. Is there anything better than a mezcal from Don Beni? The answer is no. This mezcal is perfect. Aromas of dark fruits like prunes, blackberries, and cherries. This also has this grape/wine type undertone on the nose mixing with additional aromas of lime and Old Spice aftershave. The palate has notes of watermelon, cantaloupe, orange vanilla, toffee, and green coffee beans. This is phenomenal.

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