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Enmascarado 45

Enmascarado 45 is the lower-ABV release from Enmascarado, which also has an Espadin that is bottled at 54% ABV.

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Brand:Enmascarado Mezcal
Mezcalero:Guillermo Abad Hernandez
Town:Santiago Matatlán
ABV: 45%
Age of plant: 7-9 years
Website: http://en.milagrito.com/mezcal-enmascarado/, opens in new window

About this mezcal

Enmascarado 45 is made with agave Espadin in Santiago Matatlan. Mezcalero Guillermo Abad cooks his agave in a traditional stone horno and double distills this mezcal in a copper still. Guillermo uses spring water to bring his mezcal down to 45% ABV.

Enmascarado Mezcal

Enmascarado Mezcal is a mezcal brand from Mezcales Milagrito, a restaurant and spirits group that’s based in Mexico City. Their goal is to preserve the Mexican traditions that include hundreds of years of distilling and bottling. Their focus on mezcal and culture began in 2005 and continues through their various upscale eateries and mezcal brands.

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3 out of 5

2 reviews



57 reviews
Rated 3 out of 5 stars6 years ago

Lote: 9CITO-15
Bottle: 43/2500
Nose: Nice open nose with Lime, vanilla and herbs in the forefront . Ending with trace amounts of soya sauce and barnyard notes.
Mouth: All lime, salt and herbs. Also never though I’d say this but Refreshing??
Finish: Short, dry and salty

This is a dangerously drinkable Mezcal.



4 reviews
Rated 3 out of 5 stars6 years ago

Lot9CITO-II Bottle 916/1800 A nice smooth mezcal. Green agave aroma with spices like coriander and lemon grass and a hint of smoke. On the taste it is also very herbal and pepper. Smoke comes mainly in the finish. I was surprised how smooth it is despite the very busy and colorful presentation. Good value for it’s price. Unfortunately not easy to find and not a very well known brand. His brother at 54% is also worth drinking.

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