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La Jicarita Tepeztate

La Jicarita Tepeztate was produced by Celso Martínez López in Santiago Matatlan, Oaxaca using 30-year-old wild maguey Tepeztate harvested at full maturity.

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Brand:La Jicarita Mezcal
Mezcalero:Celso Martínez López
Town:Santiago Matatlan
ABV: 46%
Age of plant: 30 years
Batch size: 300 liters
Release year: 2020
Website: http://frijolotes.com/
About this mezcal

La Jicarita Tepeztate was produced by Celso Martínez López in Santiago Matatlan, Oaxaca. The wild maguey Tepeztate plants were harvested at approximately 30 years of maturity from the east region of “Valles Centrales” at Santa Maria Zoquitlan. The batch took 30 days to craft, from choosing the right mixture of wood for the roast, extended cooling periods, harvesting wild yeast cultures to the final distillation. This limited 300-liter batch was harvested in February, distilled in March, and bottled in August of 2020. A total of 50 cases were bottled for exportation to California. This mezcal has notes of banana bread, parmesan cheese, papaya, and peppercorns.

La Jicarita Mezcal

La Jicarita Mezcal is a product of Frijolotes LLC, a spirit import and worldwide distributing company. The company specializes in handcrafted small-batch mezcal produced with traditional methods passed down for generations. The company has worked the regulatory and logistical hurdles to assemble a supply chain into the heart of Mexico. The founders, Young Jung & Fred Baptista, met in the art department at San Francisco State University in 1997 and the idea for this company began in 2006 when the pair drove through Mexico for 30 days with a group of college friends. 11 years later the company began after a night of mezcal drinking with the mission to bring back a little piece of awesomeness from Mexico to share with everyone.

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