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La Venenosa Azul

La Venenosa Azul is a limited edition single-distilled raicilla made with Agave tequilana weber in La Estancia, Jalisco.

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Brand:La Venenosa Raicilla
Raicillero:Don Guelo
Style:Aged in Glass
Town:La Estancia
ABV: 41.8%
Batch size: Lot 1: 290 bottles
Website: https://www.instagram.com/raicillalavenenosa/, opens in new window
About this raicilla

La Venenosa Azul was made with Agave tequilana weber in La Estancia, Jalisco. Maestro Raicillero Don Guelo had a friend who had a lot of Agave tequilana that he couldn’t handle, so he offered it to Don Guelo. All Don Guelo had to do was harvest it before it was too late. Don Guelo jumped at the opportunity and made this limited spirit as a single distilled raicilla. In this region of Jalisco, Agave maximiliana is the king and sales of this raicilla Azul were slow which is the reason La Venenosa had the good fortune to acquire this 20 year aged-in-glass raicilla.

La Venenosa Raicilla

Raicilla has been produced for over 500 years in the Mexican state of Jalisco, Mexico. Jalisco offers a plethora of agave species, second only to Oaxaca, however the Tequila made in Jalisco can only be made with the blue agave. Raicilla from Jalisco can be made with many different types of agave that are scattered across the landscape. These, along with great diversity in terroir, equipment and techniques, give Raicilla an amazing spectrum of flavor and history.

La Venenosa Raicilla range was created by Chef Esteban Morales to bring these hidden jewels to the global market. Esteban traversed the state in search of the best producers in each region. Every one of these Raicilla expressions is unique; created by different Maestro Taberneros in distinct regions, from different species of agave using diverse techniques, the individual results are astounding. Due to the relatively raw nature of Raicilla production, the ABV of each La Venenosa may vary slightly by batch.

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