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Lalocura Tobasiche

Lalocura Tobasiche is made by maestro mezcalero Eduardo “Lalo” Angeles, who produces some of the most well-renowned mezcal in all of Oaxaca.

Rating: (6 reviews)
Brand:Lalocura Mezcal
Mezcalero:Eduardo "Lalo" Angeles
Distillation:Clay Pot
Town:Santa Catarina Minas
Age of plant:15-18 years
About this mezcal

Lalocura Tobasiche is made with the agave Tobasiche, which is a Karwinskii agave with it’s tall slender form. Lalo cooks the agave in an underground pit oven with Encino wood, mashes the cooked agave by hand with wooden mallets, ferments the agave in cypress tubs in the open air for nine days, and double distills this mezcal in small clay pots.

Lalocura Mezcal

Before starting Lalocura in 2014, Eduardo "Lalo" Ángeles spent years working as the fourth generation master mezcalero of his family’s brand Real Minero, where he combined a lifetime of working under his father, the late, great Don Lorenzo with a collegiate degree in agricultural engineering. Many Real Minero bottles from several years ago actually have Eduardo listed alongside his father as the master distiller. Lalocura's clay pot distilled mezcals have built a steady cult following over the last few years. People from around the world show up at the palenque in Santa Catarina Minas each day hoping to spend time listening to Lalo tell stories while they taste the 20+ expressions he has resting in glass at any given time. If you like clay pot distilled mezcal and you like Real Minero, it's highly recommended that you find some Lalocura.

Read about our visit to Lalocura in the blog post A Tour with Oaxacking: Mezcal Lalocura

6 reviews

4.7 of out 5 stars



40 reviews
2 months ago

Really solid in all respects. Better than the El J tobasiche IMHO. But if you are thinking Lalo, his Tep is much more complex. The depth in the middle of the Tep extends on the palette. The tobasiche kind of drops out and I would say this is true with other karwinskis. I really like the El J barril but it is a bit flat in the middle too. The exception, so far, is the RM largo made by other members of Lalo’s family about a mile away from his palenque.



23 reviews
3 months ago

This is my favorite out of the Lalocura line. The first taste I get is a slight blueberry that gets blended with a nice BBQ type of spice that ends with a nice layer of coconut cream on the end of it making it a really delightful layered Tobasiche.

8 months ago

Reminds me of the first time I heard Bone Thugs East 1999 album. The first time I had Truth BBQ brisket. The first Texas/Oklahoma game I went to. The first time I saw Jurassic park.

Almost flawless expression of my favorite agave



73 reviews
9 months ago

January 2019.
I tried this against his father’s RM Largo, one of my favorites, and it’s amazing. It has such a complexity, so full. This is one of Lalo’s backbone Mezcals



126 reviews
11 months ago

Lot 09. Excellent Tobaziche!!! Very complex! Thyme, sage, cilantro, coconut milk and clove. Very creamy.

12 months ago

First notes are dandilion.

Revisited. Just a completely different profile from what I got the first time around. Very nutty.

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