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Mal Bien Bicuixe / Espadín – Cortes

Mal Bien Bicuixe / Espadín from Ageo Cortes was originally released in the US as part of Agave Mixtape Vol. 8.

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Category:Destilado de Agave
Brand:Agave Mixtape, Mal Bien Mezcal
Mezcalero:Ageo Cortés
Maguey:Bicuishe, Espadin
Agave:Angustifolia, Karwinskii
ABV: 47.2%
Release year: 2021
Website: https://www.mezcalmalbien.com/, opens in new window

About this destilado de agave

Mal Bien Bicuixe / Espadín from Ageo Cortes was originally released as part of Agave Mixtape Vol. 8. Per Agave Mixtape:

This batch was made of equal parts wild bicuixe and cultivated espadín, all of which grew on a parcel of tierra cascajosa donde hay piedra laja (gravelly soil filled with slabs of flagstone) that’s owned by Ageo, and was planted by his father, Felipe. Bicuixe being the most common silvestre and espadín the most common cultivado in the region, Ageo thinks its very representative of the flavors Mengoli, and that the two magueyes, bicuixe with its earthy flavors and espadín with its sweetness, balance each other.

Agave Mixtape

Agave Mixtape brings the best agave spirits together in one place - your place. Agave Mixtape is a subscription based service. Subscribers receive boxes with three 200ml bottles from three different brands - Lalocura, Mal Bien, and Neta (and maybe a few surprises) - filled with batches picked especially for Agave Mixtape, and not available anywhere else in the USA. Each box includes production notes on the batches, along with links to photos, and virtual tastings with the people behind the brands and the mezcaleros. You can subscribe directly from their website.

Mal Bien Mezcal

Since 2016, the Mal Bien team has been traveling Mexico, driving off the map and into mountains filled with treacherous roads, police officers of questionable moral character, feral dogs, indigenous languages, narcos, ancient relics, machete wielding protestors, insect based meals, mudslides, blockades, corrupt politicians, and many of the world's kindest, funniest, most brilliant people. In addition to some hard to believe stories, they've connected with a wide variety of traditional producers, whose mezcal is now bottled and exported under the Mal Bien name.

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