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Nosotros Mezcal

Nosotros Mezcal is made by maestro mezcalero Don Beto Ortiz, who has a reputation for creating some of the finest mezcal in Oaxaca.

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Brand:Nosotros Mezcal
Mezcalero:Alberto Ortiz
Maguey:Espadin, Tobala
Agave:Angustifolia, Potatorum
Town:Santa Maria La Pila
ABV: 42%
Age of plant: 8-13 years
Website: https://nosotrostequila.com/mezcal, opens in new window
About this mezcal

Nosotros Mezcal is an ensamble of 60% Maguey espadín and 40% Maguey Tobalá from maestro mezcalero Alberto “Don Beto” Ortiz in Santa Maria la Pila, Oaxaca.

Nosotros Mezcal

Nosotros Mezcal is a small-batch agave spirits brand that marries the pura vida lifestyle of Costa Rica with the rebel spirit of Mexico, blending them under the California sun. The name “Nosotros” (us/we in English) is derived from the experience of enjoying the better things in life with family, friends and loved ones. The brand was started by Carlos Soto and Michael Arbanas in 2017. The idea of Nosotros was catalyzed by a college assignment, born from a passion for tequila. Their first expression was an unaged blanco tequila, and they now have both tequila and mezcal under the Nosotros brand.

1 review

4 out of 5

Zack Klamn

Zack Klamn

108 reviews
Rated 4 out of 5 stars4 months ago

LOTE: YB-ET-02 (20/06/20 L2)
Nose: Orange cheesecake. Light smoke.

Palate: Grassy. Creamy, sweet citrus – grapefruit but not as bitter. Nice smoky finish and heat to be expected for a 42% ABV.

Awesome espadin and tobala ensamble!

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