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Pierde Almas Dobadaan

Pierde Almas Dobadaan is made of 100% agave Mexicano. The taste of this Mezcal is fruity with tones of clove and scented wood.

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Brand:Pierde Almas Mezcal
Mezcalero:Alfonso Sanchez, Gregorio Velasco Luis
Town:San Luis del Rio
About this mezcal

Pierde Almas Dobadaan is made of 100% agave Mexicano. This Mezcal ranges between 50% and 53% ABV depending on the conditions specific to each lot. The bouquet is full of autumn fruits. The taste is fruity with tones of clove and scented wood.

Pierde Almas Mezcal

Behind each bottle of Pierde Almas is a time-honored recipe kept alive with painstaking care by the family patriarch in each successive generation. Their labels are hand-printed on 100% acid-free, handmade paper derived from fibers that are indigenous to the region and have been in use since pre-Columbian times. With their Wild Agave Reforestation Program, they are actively engaged in the re-forestation of wild species of Agave in those areas where their populations have been depleted. Pierde Almas begins each rainy season by inviting bartenders, chefs, restauranteurs, and journalists to join them for their annual wild Tobalá planting. Due to the artisinal nature of their mezcal, the ABV of each lot may vary slightly.

In May 2018, British multinational alcoholic beverages company Diageo purchased Pierde Almas Mezcal.

3 reviews

4 of out 5 stars



20 reviews
10 months ago

The warmth of this starts with the nose offering a berry-rich aroma. The sweetness is apparent on first taste followed by a nice mouth feel (51% ABV) which lifts the flavours. Some burnt caramel on the back palate with smoke and a mild leather and a hint of spice and more fruit. The sweetness stays in the mouth which made it a great closer for the evening with a savoury cheese. Lote: 11-D. Mezcal is a rarity in Australian restaurants, so a great find (only three mezcals on the list).



360 reviews
3 years ago

Lot 18-D. Aromas of vanilla, leather, and bit of pepper. Complex flavor that is very rich with notes of fresh cherry, cream, and blood orange. This is a very good Mexicano.



351 reviews
3 years ago

Delicious and complex Mexicano mezcal. This spirit has warm notes of cedar, clove, basil, vanilla, earthen cinnamon, and sour cherry. One of the better Mexicanos out there. Lote: 18-D

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