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Rayo Seco Sacatoro

Rayo Seco Sacatoro is balanced with earthy notes of minerals, cedar, mango skin, and fresh leaves. It has a sweet, low smoke profile.

About this destilado de agave

Rayo Seco Sacatoro is made with wild harvested maguey Sacatoro (Agave angustifolia rubescens) in Atenango del Rio, Guerrero. The Sacatoro is a rare maguey that is micro endemic to the northern Guerrero state. Maestro Vinatero Israel Petronilo roasts the agave in a conical earthen oven, mashes the cooked agave by hand with an axe and wooden mallet, ferments the agave with wild yeasts in spring water, and double distills in a copper alembic still.

Rayo Seco

Rayo Seco Destilados is a brand featuring some of the finest producers in Guerrero, Mexico. They represent over five generations and they provide an introduction to the traditions of Guerrero to consumers across the globe. As of 2021, the state of Guerrero was still relatively untouched by many importers due to the decades-long unrest throughout much of the state. This is beginning to change as brands like Rayo Seco are at the forefront of exporting craft spirits from the region.

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