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Reyes y Cobardes Cupreata

Reyes y Cobardes Cupreata is traditionally produced using wild agave Cupreata. It’s a bit spicy with some nice touches of minerality and salt.

Rating: (6 reviews)
Brand:Reyes y Cobardes Mezcal
Mezcalero:Don Rafael Cuenca
About this mezcal

Reyes y Cobardes Cupreata is made in Zitlala, Guerrero by fourth generation mezcalero Don Rafael Cuenca. He harvests the agave in this mezcal from the banks of the Rio Balsas, where the agave Cupreata grow completely wild. This mezcal has some interesting spice and minerality.

Reyes y Cobardes Mezcal

Reyes y Cobardes Mezcal is curated by chef Daniel Tellez Reynoso. He met mezcaleros Juan Claudio and Juan Manuel in 2014 in the region of Sola de Vega, Oaxaca. Together, they started the brand that soon spread to include other producers in different states. They have a seed bank and reforestation programs that emphasize sustainable cultivation methods. They compost spent agave pulp, and they reportedly convert unusable distillate into a fuel source to power the main facility's machinery.

6 reviews

3.3 of out 5 stars

12 months ago

The aroma here is meaty and floral, with very little smoke. White flowers, white pepper, salami, thyme, and strawberry mousse. The flavor is sweet upfront, with that fruity strawberry mousse I sensed very strong, with a little cucumber, white flowers, white pepper, and butterscotch. Overall simple, but pleasant – fruity, with very little smoke, and a powerful floral quality.



6 reviews
1 year ago

This was the well mezcal at a bar I went to recently and I was pleasantly surprised by how approachable this Cupreata was. Sweet with touch of mineral. Would have again.

2 years ago

We carry this line at the mezcaleria I run in Dallas. I like all three of them. This has an almost funky blue cheese or over fermented fruit smell. . It’s yummy, like all Cupreatas. The Salmiana is a favorite among the staff.



73 reviews
2 years ago

Batch 16. This is a great session mezcal. It’s sweet and enjoyable. The two other Reyes y Cobardes’ were too funky for me, so this one is definitely my favorite. It’s a great buy for the price, plus it comes in a one liter bottle with the wax top that I love to peel off.



348 reviews
3 years ago

Mezcals made from Agave Cupreata are not very popular in the United States, but they are worth trying. I find them to be very approachable and this one is no different. At 41.5% ABV this mezcal retains nice soft and sweet flavors that are generalized by a taste of lemony vanilla. This is more of a three and a half stars for me considering the low price point.



360 reviews
3 years ago

Batch 16. Very sweet and buttery aromas. This is really good for the price and it’s my favorite of the Reyes y Cobardes that are currently available. Great for sipping and for mixing. Very enjoyable. Light notes of fresh fruit and cut limes. Soft and approachable on the palate.

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