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Santo Cuviso Sotol Chihuahua

Santo Cuviso Sotol Chihuahua is silky with citrus and herbaceous notes, and hints of lemon lime, minerals, and dry desert air.

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Brand:Santo Cuviso
Sotolero:Gerardo Ruelas Hernandez
ABV: 43%
Website: https://santocuviso.com/, opens in new window

About this sotol

Santo Cuviso Sotol Chihuahua is made by maestro Sotolero Gerardo Ruelas Hernández in Aldama, Chihuahua. This Sotol is made with Dasylirion Leiophyllum that is cooked in an underground stone oven, fermented for 5-10 days with well water, mashed by hand with axes, and double distilled in copper stills.

Santo Cuviso

Each batch of Santo Cuviso Bacanora is handcrafted from 100% Agave Angustifolio piñas, harvested in Sierra de Sonora, México, and distilled by their Master Bacanorero, whose process infuses every drop with three generations of distilling knowledge.

Bacanora production was banned for 77 years in Sonora, México, and those who were caught distilling agave were hanged or imprisoned, but the Chacón family persevered and when the ban lifted in 1992, the family was ready.

In addition to Bacanora, the brand has also released Sotol from two different regions of Mexico.

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