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Wahaka Tobala

Wahaka Tobala is rich and full on the palate. The Tobala is a tiny agave, but it’s full of rich sugars and dynamic flavor.

Rating: (7 reviews)
Brand:Wahaka Mezcal
Mezcalero:Alberto Morales Mendez
Town:San Dionisio Ocotepec
About this mezcal

Wahaka Tobala is made with the tiny agave Tobala. It is a wild plant that grows in the highlands, often on rugged mountain sides and rocky cliffs. Not only is foraging for the Tobalá a challenge, but its smaller size means a significantly larger number of plants are needed to produce this Mezcal. Wahaka Tobala is rich and full on the palate.

2011 Spirits of Mexico – Silver Medal
2011 New York International Spirits Competition – Silver Medal
2012 San Francisco World Spirits Competition – Double Gold 2012 Ultimate Spirits Challenge – 89 out of 100 – Very Good
2012 International Review of Spirits – Gold Medal – 95 out of 100 – Exceptional

Wahaka Mezcal

Wahaka Mezcal is the result of several childhood friends from Mexico City who turned their passion for Mexico’s oldest distilled spirit into a sustainably produced, community-focused, and internationally recognized brand. In 2010, they set out to find Mexico’s finest mezcal. After months of intensely researching, travelling, and tasting their way through Oaxaca, they found kindred spirits in maestro mezcalero Alberto “Beto” Morales Mendez and his family, who, for five generations, have been perfecting the art of making mezcal in San Dionisio Ocotepec, a tiny village in the Central Valley of Oaxaca. Together they created Wahaka, and with it, a new model for mezcal brands, one that was as committed to making an award-winning product as it was supporting the community from which flourishes. Unlike any other spirit, mezcal is a product of its terroir—and you can taste the Spirit of Oaxaca in every drop of this artisanally crafted, small-batch elixir.

Read more about our visit to the Wahaka Mezcal Palenque.

7 reviews

3.1 of out 5 stars



23 reviews
6 months ago

I love this Tobala. Had it right after sipping Del Maguey’s and definitely liked this one better. It has a really nice well balanced floral Tobala flavor that feels really clean, wet, and welcoming like a summer rain that cools you off on a hot day. I think this is an excellent Mezcal to let newbs try out as well since it isn’t as aggressive in its flavor.

1 year ago

Not my jam



14 reviews
2 years ago

Lot ORGULLO-10-AMM…Very faint aromas of coffee and chocolate….light and wispy…there’s nothing that will overpower the palate with this one….at 42% ABV it’s very easy and smooth….it has some nice notes of charred oak and leather….but notes are a bit distant….this is a nice mezcal for those that don’t like mezcal too hot or with too much alcohol flavor…this is perfect for that



19 reviews
3 years ago

Herbal and clean. Simple profile and tobala flavor shines through…still feels like its pulling its punches



73 reviews
3 years ago

Good mezcal for something smooth and light. Not too much flavor.



13 reviews
3 years ago

Sweet aroma and slightly sweet finish. grassy notes and a fairly long lasting finish.



33 reviews
3 years ago

Lot: ARMONIA 001, 40% ABV. Alcohol, minor agave sweetness & aroma; enough redeeming qualities to rate just ok. My mediocre experience with this bottling was/is an anomaly among Wahaka mezcales.

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