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Xicaru Reposado

Xicaru Reposado has notes of vanilla and smoke. It gets its golden straw color from the barrel aging that takes place after distillation.

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Brand:Xicaru Mezcal
Mezcalero:Fernando Santibañez
Town:Santiago Matatlan
About this mezcal

Xicaru Reposado is made with agave Espadin in Santiago Matatlan. Mezcalero Fernando Santibanez uses traditional methods to produce this mezcal, which is aged for 2-4 months in American Oak barrels before being bottled.

Xicaru Mezcal

Xicaru is the Zapotec word for beautiful. This name reflects mezcalero Fernando Santibañez’s desire to share his artistic creations. Using his grandmother’s recipe, Fernando makes small batches of Xicaru Mezcal at his palenque in Matatlán, Oaxaca. Its natural smoky flavor is derived by cooking the agave in a conical stone oven on mesquite and ocote, woods native to Oaxaca. The cooked agave is tahona mashed and naturally fermented in an open pine vat. Following fermentation, it is double distilled in a copper alembic, filtered and precisely blended. Fernando is extremely proud to be able share his family’s mezcal with you.

3 reviews

4 of out 5 stars



23 reviews
1 year ago

Butterscotch flavors with a very nice touch of smoke, but extremely smooth. One of my favorite mixers that you can actually drink on the rocks if you want to.



6 reviews
1 year ago

Weak bodied, acidic, unremarkable first and last flavors. Perhaps good as a mixer.



1 review
1 year ago

Smoky, well-balanced, just a hint of honey (but does not actually contain honey, obviously), very little aftertaste or burn. Well-balanced. A solid Mezcal at a reasonable price.

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