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Canal Ponds(Jeff)
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New found love for agave spirits with a background in wine and whiskey.
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Fósforo Tobalá Penca

Jul 15, 2023

I don’t have the production date or details of the bottle, BUT the company is almost 1 year old at the time of this review.
Read the original Tobala review, same style cup. Nose brings forth a roasted nose, taking into consideration the color of the spirit and the nose, I immediately think this is barrel aged; it is not. Let’s taste this, same roasted notes, no oak. A creaminess without the funk, yes, I could drink this all day. This was initially the mezcalero’s private stash, he would toast the Penca(agave leaves) and line the inside of a glass vessel, add the distillate and let it do its magic. Magic indeed.

Fósforo Tobalá

Jul 15, 2023

I don’t have the production date or details of the bottle, BUT the company is almost 1 year old at the time of this review.
Tobala and I are not friends, but someone needs to taste new products coming to the market. Samples are from a disposable hard plastic cup; nose has a slight funk and muted. The palate opens up and blooms in the mouth. Yes, of course agave, but crisp, fresh, green apple goes into a long finish that stays with you. Wow, reminds me of Mal Bien Alto or Leyenda Verde. Hey, Tobala and I could be friends afterall.

Leyendas Ancho (Guerrero)

Dec 6, 2022

943/1080 Lote No. L1/19

Rich in agave and tons of black pepper. Abv is pleasant without any sort of burn. The sample received has been open for quite some time and none of the flavors are missing. If I had a bottle of this at home, I would definitely drink it, but it’s not a “go to” bottle for me. Nose and palate were straight forward and I’m finishing this sample without having to think about what I’m tasting.

Mal Bien Papalote – Gutiérrez

Dec 6, 2022

Batch 0521TG – Tomas + Emiliano Gutierrez non Capon (Black Tape)

When my nose works, I get chalky dark chocolate and hardwood.

Palate: dominant 70% dark cocoa while sanding hardwood. Some ash turning to a creamy mouthfeel. Current favorite for Dec2022. Besides the normal agave and black pepper notes mentioned above. Fresh crack all notes were muted. This bottle only took 3 days to open up and continues to taste delicious.

Mal Bien Alto

Dec 5, 2022

Isidro Rodriguez Batch 0521/RM
Drinking this at the start of fall all of these notes hit so well with the season. Fresh Crispin apples while hiking through the woods. All of the standard notes in the best mezcal are present, but if you wanted a one liner to make the decision for you, there you go. I keep a bottle at home always.

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