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El Jolgorio Tobaziche

May 3, 2022

Edition 08, Harvest 2017, Bottle #295/360

Quite a unique experience from start to finish. Aroma immediately hits you with the sweetness and fruitiness that’s packed inside this bottle. Initial palette is wild, super sweet, tons of fruit, citrus, slightly vegetative, and hints of honey. The sweetness and fruit dominate this mezcal and the finish had hardly (if any) smoke to it. Barely any heat that wasn’t really noticeable, very smooth experience. Almost like a desert mezcal that’s how sweet it was and for me couldn’t have multiple drinks of it in a row. Definitely unlike any other mezcal I’ve tried but might need to have it a few more times before landing on a final verdict.

Todos Santos Mezcaleros Tobala

May 3, 2022

Edition 2021, Harvest 2019, Bottle #417/672

Was lucky enough to stumble upon this bottle given how rare the Todos Santos bottles are to find and wasn’t disappointed. As mentioned by others, initial aroma was a bit harsh but it just needed to open up a bit before it became much more pleasant. Initial palette has a mineral flavor that then explodes into a massively wide and complex body that has too many tasting notes to decipher individually. Heat has an incredible sizzle that bites just the right amount but not too much. Finish has a phenomenal smoke that lingers for longer than expected which was a pleasant surprise. Enjoyed it so much I went back to get the only remaining bottle from the store and very glad to have found what I’ll only be using for special occasions in the future. A truly special bottle that I would highly recommend if you can find.

El Jolgorio Cenizo (A. Karwinskii)

May 3, 2022

Ignacio Parada, Edition 06, Harvest 2020, Bottle #1/160

Only my 3rd experience with a black EJ bottle and wow this one was incredible. Aroma has outstanding mix of smokiness and sweetness without any of the harsh nail polish that you can sometimes get with other mezcals. Initial palette has a very pleasant fruity sweetness, grassy, and vegetative flavor – remarkably well balanced all throughout. Finish leaves a more subtle smokiness that isn’t overpowering at all but also isn’t completely missing or muted. Heat is also surprisingly well balanced as well. Overall the best mezcal I’ve had so far and exactly what I think an “ideal” mezcal should be like – if you see one of these bottles don’t hesitate to get it.

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