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El Jolgorio Cenizo (A. Karwinskii)

El Jolgorio Cenizo is made with agave Cenizo, which in this case is a member of the Karwinskii family, related to Cuixe or Madrecuixe.

Rating: (7 reviews)
Brand:El Jolgorio Mezcal
Mezcalero:Ignacio Parada
Town:Santa Maria Zoquitlan
Release year:2015
About this mezcal

El Jolgorio Cenizo is made with 100% agave Cenizo (Karwinskii) that takes up to 14 years to mature. The first batch of this mezcal was released as a fairly large lot considering how seldom agave Cenizo is used in Oaxacan Mezcal. Master Mezcalero Ignacio Parada is well known for his work with wild agave, and this Cenizo is no exception to his strong record of creating great mezcal. Notes of this mezcal include sweet nectar, chalky minerals, and sea salt. It has a long, extended finish. Newer releases of this mezcal come in a black bottle. Newer bottles of this are no longer labelled Cenizo as the CRM told El Jolgorio that Cenizo could not be used to name this Karwinskii agave. Despite the local naming, this is now simply called A. Karwinskii.

El Jolgorio Mezcal

El Jolgorio translates to “the revelry”. Jolgorios are small festivals that occur in remote, mountain villages throughout Oaxaca, Mexico. They celebrate births, deaths, weddings and Saint’s days. For centuries, the lifeblood of these celebrations has been traditional mezcal. In 2010, the Cortés family began building a collective of top mezcal distillers from around Oaxaca. As of 2019, El Jolgorio represents sixteen different families, working in ten different regions of Oaxaca, Mexico, each with its own special story. Every bottle is hand-marked with the specific details of each batch, to truly connect the drinker with the family behind the expression.

In 2017, the team behind the brand realized that certain varieties of agave would be extremely limited and they would only be able to make them available once per year (if at all). They began packaging these rare editions in black bottles to set them apart from the other releases.

7 reviews

4.4 of out 5 stars

1 month ago

Finally tracked this down. Mama Rabbit – Las Vegas. $10 pour. Hay, anise, fruit orchard… dulce de leche finish. Solid. Reminds me of the Wahaka VdM Cenizo



126 reviews
2 months ago

Edition 03, 2018, Ignacio Parada. WOW!! Tasted all the black bottles at Mezcalogia in Oaxaca and this was the unanimous favorite. Wheat grass, cream, carrot, celery, dry soil, freshly cut grass, tahini. This one is special.

3 months ago

Black Bottle – Edition 01, Harvest 2014. Had this among a few other amazing mezcals and this was the absolute winner. I had ordered not realizing Cenizo was a Karwinskii and that definitely explains why i loved it so much.



5 reviews
3 months ago

Edition 02 from 2018 by Ignacio Parada. Black Bottle 61/800, 52.5% ABV.

High intensity Cenizo Karwinskii. Nose is savory green vegetables and wet rocks. Palate is exactly like other reviewers describe – robust like roasted asparagus and bell peppers and turns minty and stony at the end. Surprising amount of sweetness that brings all the flavors together. Long, savory finish with high minerality. I love karwinskiis and this is a superb example that packs a punch.



73 reviews
1 year ago

I’m a big fan of karwinskiis so this was a treat. Vegetal, minerally and minty. It’s really nice and worth a try.



360 reviews
1 year ago

Edition 01. Harvest 2014. 440 bottles. This is definitely a karwinskii. Vegetal aromas with hints of spearmint and jalapeño peppers. Palate notes of high minerality, green peppers, and buttery asparagus. This is really good. Very enjoyable.



30 reviews
2 years ago

Batch 01, Harvest 2014. 440 bottles. Produced by Ignacio Parada who also does an out of this world mezcal jabali. An oaky smoke on the nose but sweetness on the palate. The finish is long and spicy. This is a very interesting mezcal that seems to get better each time I pour a taste. Too bad this is such a rare agave used for mezcal. Definitely worth a try.

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