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I am mainly a malt whisky & armanac enthusiast so take any thing I drink and review with a grain of salt, - I am constantly on the prowl for "maltnatives" and mezcal/tequila qualify
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Mal Bien Borrego – Sonido

Oct 2, 2023

N: candies, see peppermint sticks, fruits, mango strawbeerry, kiwi…..not candied at all.
Special note the mouth feel……the best to date…….and the fore and aft is simply fabulour

Taste: the broth shows through definite stewed meats (beef and pork) show through the end with just a hint of spice.

Fini: fabulous…..lengthly and deep complexity….

malternative: yes definite.

Price $1.5 in Berkeley which is kinda hateful, but as they say, you gotta pay to play..

Quiereme Mucho Tepextate

Sep 18, 2023

General mouth feel is very excellent for this bottle

Nose: fresh citrus (orange, blood oranges) show through with the strong vegetal note

Taste: outstanding, again the citrus/vegetal notes shine…..there a bit a of vokda/acquavit note in the bloody background

finish: medium long length, really I enjoyed this bottle very much…..

WhiskyVicky sez 84 for this bottle…..oh $99 in Berkeley California

Espina Negra Tepeztate

Jun 10, 2023

Lot exp. EU.07
Interesting take here. Lovely stuff (imho) for the Malt Whiskey fan. A real distinct vegetal presence with this mescal.

Nose: Vegetal, slightly sweet and sour, not the Chinese food type, try bbq sauce mixed with tequila……the greens really show through

Taste: Slightly drying, I could see how this may offset some people. Greens, leafs, that is pea sprouts, arugula, Chinese broccoli, cauliflower

fini: medium long…..again I find, the taste doesn’t develop through the finish which would be a huge fault for any other spirit. Nonetheless, this seems to right in my wheelhouse ’nuff I bought another bottle!

Whiskey Vicky sez a solid 85 here……$89 in Berkeley, CA.

Quiereme Mucho Tobala

Aug 24, 2020

Obviously, the current version has lost the fishy smell mentioned in the prior reviews
N: seasalt, lime, there is an astrigent vegetal note, maybe zuchini?

Palate: slightly waxy/unctuous in the foretaste, cucumber, salts

Fini: long, more of the same, very waxy but the taste doesn’t develop with the outstanding length…

Malternative: yeah kinda, I am just beginning the mezcal game and this was pretty strong beginner

Value: compared to the Del Maguey series I’d not its $1.05 in Berkeley, CA so tread carefully if you are on a budget

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