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5 Sentidos de Horno

5 Sentidos de Horno is part of “La Colección Mixteca,” a curated selection of spirits from the rustic, mountainous Mixteca region of Oaxaca and Puebla.

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Category:Destilado de Agave
Brand:5 Sentidos
Mezcalero:Anatolio Ramirez
Maguey:De Horno
Town:San Jose Rio Minas
ABV: 49.06%
Age of plant: 12-15 years
Batch size: 400 liters
Release year: 2021
Website: http://www.drink5sentidos.com/, opens in new window

About this destilado de agave

In the Central Oaxacas Valleys, maguey Arroqueño (Agave americana var. oaxacensis) is highly prized for its delicate and sweet flavors and its reportedly long lifetime (up to two decades). In the Mixteca Alta, the same species is colloquially referred to as De Horno, as an homage the historical use of the enormous “pencas” to wrap up goat and sheep meat in the preparation of underground barbacoa ovens. De Horno seems to grow more prominently in the Mixteca than in the valleys, and has a reportedly shorter life time (12-15 years). Nevertheless, it is rare to see these expressions exported to the U.S., especially one that has been resting since 2014, making this an extra special bottling to savor.

5 Sentidos

5 Sentidos is named after the five senses that their mezcaleros use to produce their agave spirits. The producers of this mezcal do not use any model machinery or tools, being guided only by their senses throughout the production process. The brand was launched by El Destilado restaurant in centro Oaxaca. The restaurant is known for it’s creative menu, unique cocktails, and exception agave spirits. The brand is a curated tour of Mexico with a wide range of expressions that are made by some of the best mezcaleros in the region. Cinco Sentidos is uncertified mezcal and is labeled as “Destilado de Agave”.

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4 reviews

4.13 out of 5



358 reviews
Rated 4 out of 5 stars4 weeks ago




9 reviews
Rated 4 out of 5 stars3 months ago

I get al pastor tacos, mint, and earth. A little hot but nice mouthfeel.

Update: Tried again another month or two later. Very good—great aromas as above but finish just too hot.



133 reviews
Rated 4 out of 5 stars3 months ago

nice sipper.this is not a mezcal thats in your face but rather one with subtle and delicate notes.the nose is pleasant and reminds me more of a vegetal karwinski than an americana.very mild heat inspite of its 49 % abv.i agree with jonny on the tropical and mint notes.mild smoke and finish.this is a rare mezcal from this region and i feel like it was a good purchase.very good but not outstanding.



581 reviews
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars4 months ago

Slightly smoky aromas mixing with leather and a bit of bright pineapple. The palate has notes of lactose, lime, men’s cologne, spearmint, and some late menthol on the back of the palate. A bit hot but very enjoyable.

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