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Amaras Logia

Amaras Logia is their first release from the state of Durango. It’s decidedly different and maintains the high level of Amaras quality.

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Brand:Amaras Mezcal
Mezcalero:Gilberto Roldan
Town:Nombre de Dios
ABV: 46%
Website: http://mezcalamores.com/
About this mezcal

Amaras Logia is made with wild agave Cenizo (Durangenysis) that takes 14 years to reach maturity. This mezcal is traditionally produced in a conical stone oven that is made with volcanic rock. The agave are roasted with huizache and mesquite wood. The cooked agave are then milled by hand, fermented in stainless steel rectangular vats, and double distilled in a copper still. The nose is pronounced and fruity with slight hints of earth and sweet chipotle aromas. The taste has notes of toasty coffee grounds, wood spice, and subtle raisin bread.

Amaras Mezcal

Mezcal Amores (Or Amaras as it's known in the U.S.) focuses heavily on terrior and it shows in their product. Mezcal Amores believes that humans should benefit from the ecosystem by keeping it in balance. As of 2017, they had over 145,000 agave in their nurseries and they have a goal of planing ten agave for every one agave they harvest. They also promote horizontal growth of their mezcal production across several different producers and they provide micro-loans to mezcaleros who wish to upgrade their equipment.

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